the she loves ny guide to etiquette and the like
a most important reference for the gentleman about town

this is among the texts that the gentleman will committ to memory
should he hope to see the lady again, perhaps in a more intimate setting
than the one in which he last saw her.


i. travel & transport

ii. vice & contraband

iii. lies & headaches

iv. eating & drinking

v. chivalry

vi. urban courtship

vii. dating

viii. the home



subways, busses, and the art of choosing wisely
par avion

contraband, which can get dicey


bar basics
restaurants for dummies

doors & doorways
flowers and other means of making the lady feel nice
additional notes on chivalry

courtship basics
advance courtship
the theory of perceived expectations (a must read)

the first date
the second date
the third date
the 15 second hypothesis
the gentleman's wardrobe
should the gentleman fall into particurlary good luck

guidelines for the gentleman's home
murphy beds